Born in 1993 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I grew up spending the afternoons playing with Lego and reading animal encyclopedias. I transformed the garden into my personal jungle and my biggest dream was to have a pet dinosaur.

As a Design student in Madrid I focused on graphic design and 3D printing, starting to get interested in developing open projects where the community could participate. My goals are creating functional things, sharing them and trying to make something good for the planet.

Nací en 1993 en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Crecí inventando cosas con Lego y ojeando enciclopedias de animales. Convertí mi jardín en mi selva personal y mi mayor sueño era tener un dinosaurio como mascota. 

Como estudiante de Diseño en Madrid me centré en el diseño gráfico y la impresión 3D, interesándome en el desarrollo de proyectos abiertos en lo que la comunidad puediese participar. Mis metas son crear cosas funcionales, compartirlas e intentar hacer algo bueno por el planeta.


Education / Workshops / Inspiring moments

2009-2011 / Art School (Madrid)

2011-2015 / Degree in Graphic Design (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

2013-2014 / S.G on Graphic Design and Advertising (Escuela Arte Diez) (only first year)

2014 March / Participant in Davai Project (La Trasera – UCM)

2014 April / Workshop – Open Source furniture design (Medialab PradoZuloark)

2014 May / Workshop – Transversal typography (Carol Lindberg)

2015 May / Workshop – Screen printing (Hola Por Qué)

2015 June / Participant in Jardineando (Medialab Prado)

2015 September-December / Artist Residence at Le Fab Club (Paris, France)

2016 February / Co-polyester for 3D Printing workshop (3D Hubs and Colorfabb)

2016 June / Judge on the Bike Accessory Design Contest (Pinshape)


Portfolio / Projects / Things I’m proud of

2011 /  XIII Certamen José María Navau contest – 1st prize

2013 December / Member of Fobia Fanzine

2014 February / Author of the Pio Pio Pio series

2014 March / Participant in Davai Project (La Trasera – UCM)

2014 April / Speech at the I Encuentro de Diseño y Cultura Digital (Medialab Prado)

2014 July-September/ Graphic and 3D designer at Printed Dreams

2014 July-To date / Ultimaker collaborator

2014 August / Finalist on the Artist of the Year award (3D Print Show London)

2015 / Co-creator of Digital Monsters Project

2015 March / Part of the Ultimaker team on the 3D Print Show Madrid

2015 June / Participant in Jardineando (Medialab Prado)

2015 July / Participant in Mulafest Festival (illustration exposition)

2015 December / #3DPrintingDay Collaboration (3D Hubs)

2016 January / Sustainable Safari Trophy (with LeFabClub)

2016 February / Pokemon 20th Anniversary Collaboration (3D Hubs)

2016 June / Judge on the Bike Accessory Design Contest (Pinshape)

2016 July / Runner-up prize on the Instructables 3D Printing Contest

2016 July / Lampe design featured on Thingiverse

2016 July-To Date / Collaborator in Cutter Design Paris 

2017 February / 1st Prize  on the Capcom/MyMiniFactory Contest 

2017 November / Tested.com Bits to Atoms: Low-poly 3D Printing

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