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Digital Monsters

Jardineando 2015


Halloween Collection

3D printable low-poly masks collection based on popular monsters. Released by Ultimaker to celebrate 2014 Halloween. The custom collection was painted by Madrid based artists Diana June, Sara…

Le monstre du papier


Design and Corporate Identity of the fictional football magazine Ileven. Project created with Miguel Sanz, Javier Traver and Andrés del Moral.  Diseño e imagen de Ileven, una revista…

Ultimaker USA

3D models based on USA Culture and part of the USA Pack Ultimaker released to commemorate their new office in the USA.  Modelos para imprimir en 3D basados…

Low Poly Pokemon

The Low Poly Pokemon project started as a challenge. I wanted to try to transform the low quality graphics the first Pokemon videogames had into a 3D model….


Set of nine different types created with a 3D printer and based on Reactivo‘s font Piratype. Set de nueve tipos creados mediante impresión 3D y basados en la…


Huevadas is the first zine of the Pio Pio Pio Trilogy, and it consists of sixteen illustrated poems that usually talk about everyday problems or silly things. You…


Fobia is a zine created by some Design students from the UCM. Each artist had to illustrate different phobias, being some of them fictional. As we wanted to…

Lego II