Born in 1993 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I grew up spending the afternoons playing with Lego and reading animal encyclopedias. I transformed the garden into my personal jungle and my biggest dream was to have a pet dinosaur.

As a designer, I’ve focused on digital fabrication and open-source projects as they provide tools that offer new opportunities to those that decide to take part in the process. My goal is to create and share as a way to contribute to the improvement of society.

Nací en 1993 en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Crecí inventando cosas con Lego y ojeando enciclopedias de animales. Convertí mi jardín en mi selva personal y mi mayor sueño era tener un dinosaurio como mascota. 

Como diseñador, la fabricación digital y la cultura open-source tienen un papel protagonista en los proyectos que desarrollo, ya que acercan herramientas y procesos que ofrecen nuevas oportunidades a aquellos que deciden participar en el proceso. Mi meta es crear y compartir como forma de contribuir a la mejora de la sociedad.


Experience / Projects

2018 May / ESD Madrid (Plastic Smoothie workshop at Matadero Madrid)

2018 April / BQ Witbox Go (Project collaboration)

2018 March / Piscolabis (3D Printing and Sustainability)

2018 February / TEDxUPValencia (http://stoyri.es/Stoyries – Social 3D Printing Project)

2017 December / Medialab Prado (Hebocon)

2017 November / Tested.com Bits to Atoms: Low-poly 3D Printing

2017 October / Make Printable (National Dog Day printables)

2017 October – Maker Faire Bilbao (Hebocon workshop)

2017 May / 3D Designer of the Year (3D Printing Industry Awards)

2017 February / Capcom/MyMiniFactory Contest  (1st Prize)

2016 July – 2017 June / Cutter Design Paris (Freelance product designer)

2016 July / Lampe design featured on Thingiverse

2016 July /  Instructables 3D Printing Contest (Runner-up prize)

2016 June / Bike Accessory Design Contest (Judge, Pinshape)

2016 February / Pokemon 20th Anniversary Collaboration (3D Hubs)

2016 January / Sustainable Safari Trophy (with LeFabClub)

2015 December / #3DPrintingDay Collaboration (3D Hubs)

2015 July / Participant in Mulafest Festival (Illustration)

2015 June / Participant in Jardineando (Medialab Prado)

2015 March / Ultimaker team (3D Print Show Madrid)

2014 August / Finalist on the Artist of the Year award (3D Print Show London)

2014 July – To date / Ultimaker collaborator

2014 July-September/ Graphic and 3D designer at Printed Dreams

2014 April / Speech at the I Encuentro de Diseño y Cultura Digital (Medialab Prado)

2014 March / Participant in Davai Project (La Trasera – UCM)

2011 /  XIII Certamen José María Navau contest – 1st prize


Education – Workshops

2016 February / Co-polyester for 3D Printing workshop (3D Hubs and Colorfabb)

2015 September-December / Artist Residence at Le Fab Club (Paris, France)

2015 June / Workshop – Jardineando (Medialab Prado)

2015 May / Workshop – Screen printing (Hola Por Qué)

2014 April / Workshop – Open Source furniture design (Medialab PradoZuloark)

2013-2014 / S.G on Graphic Design and Advertising (Escuela Arte Diez) (only first year)

2011-2015 / Degree in Graphic Design (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)




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