_MG_2490 large

Letter Board

Fully 3D printed letter board. Download here.

wall_planter_4 large

Smart Wall Planter

Smart wall planter designed in collaboration with Filaments.directory. Download here.

glitchboy_pi3 square

Glitch Boy Pi

Raspberry Pi powered giant gaming console. This project is a WIP, you can check the project status here.

octopus_voxel_thingiverse shiny

How to voxelize

Sample design of the How to voxelize tutorial. Check the tutorial and download the model here.


Voxel planters

Video game planter Collection. Download here.


Dual Animal Rings

Dual extrusion version of the original Animal Ring Collection. Download here.  


Super Bowl LI

3D printed football designed for the Super Bowl LI. Download available here.


Quill Burst – Monster Hunter

Functional video game prop based on one of the weapons from Monster Hunter Generations. You can find the files in My Mini Factory.    


VW Golf MK1

VW Golf GTI MK1 miniature. Files available here.


Retro Characters #2

  Dual and multi extrusion version of the original Retro Character collection. Files available here. 

droid dual

Space Toys #2


Multicolor Low-Poly Pokemon

Dual and multi extrusion version of the original low-poly Pokemon. Download files available on YouMagine.  

mini_printer prusa i3

Mini 3D Printer Collection

Collection of mini lasercut 3D printers. You can find the download files on YouMagine.



Lampe is a minimal 3D printed lamp collection. The files are available for download on Instructables, Thingiverse and Cults. Lampe es una colección de lámparas imprimibles en 3D. Los…


Campbell Planter

Every day we generate tons of waste, we throw away things that can be really useful in the right context. Starting from that point, I’ve tried to combine…


3D Hubs x Pokemon

Collaboration with 3D Hubs to celebrate the Pokemon 20th Anniversary. Two new Low-Poly Pokemon that can be found on YouMagine and an exclusive page so anyone can get…


Sustainable Safari Trophy

The Sustainable Safari Trophy project is a small collaboration I did with Le FabShop during my Artist in residence program. I teamed up with graphic designed Alba Castellano…


Space Toys



Gotham Lamp

The Gotham Lamp is a Pinshape exclusive design based on the DC Comics film Batman VS Superman. All the files are available for download here. La Gotham Lamp es…


Retro Characters

Low-poly collection based on iconic videogame characters. Collection created in collaboration with Ultimaker. 3D print files available on YouMagine. Colección de diseño low-poly basado en iconos del mundo de…


Digital Monsters


Jardineando 2015



Halloween Collection

3D printable low-poly masks collection based on popular monsters. Released by Ultimaker to celebrate 2014 Halloween. The custom collection was painted by Madrid based artists Diana June, Sara…


Le monstre du papier



Cagadas is the third and last zine of the Pio Pio Pio Trilogy. After collaborating with a sociologist in the previous zine, this time I worked with Luisignasio,…